Davies Henderson

Nareeb Court

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East Coast American design

This site originally formed part of the Nareeb mansion which whilst boasting over 34 rooms in its day, was eventually demolished in 1964 and the vast grounds subdivided and re-developed.

In 2005 Davies Henderson were approached by the new owners along with Architect Michael Factor, to completely re-model the residence. The scope was to achieve a softer more open and homely feel keeping inline with the clients’ wish for more traditional finishes.

All amenity areas including kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and en-suites were rebuilt and fitted with European fixtures and fittings. The existing large hardwood flooring was then stripped, stained and polished to compliment the interior decorators design brief. The result was a very successful renovation that softened and maintained the East Coast American theme desired by the client. The exterior and landscaping undertook a major rejuvenation, including the addition of an extensive terrace, loggia and pool, balancing the symmetrical vortex of the new pool pavilion.