Davies Henderson

Copelen Street

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Copelen Street captures European design sensibility with cutting edge contemporary elements.

This Demaine Partnership design is perfectly positioned in one of South Yarra’s most prestigious and leafy cul-de-sacs. Characteristic of classical European design are the deep colonnades with the post and lintel features which dominate this facade.  Internally, design consideration was given to provide indoor to outdoor spatial transitions suitable for the Australian climate, whilst providing a level of privacy and softening the crisp geometry of the external facades.

The interiors are influenced by French practices, with sharp definition of forms and edges typical of the best early twentieth century design practice, a period defined by French practitioners in all areas of the design from Chanel to Chareau. This is not however a cold minimal interior, but one enriched by touches of refined detail, natural materials including high quality stones and timbers, and a discriminating selection of fittings and equipment. Offering spacious and luxurious accommodation this building will stand the test of time in both style and craftsmanship.